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Protect your business against theft & vandalism with eAlarm perimeter security. Simple and affordable portable alarms keep your business secure without increased costs.

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How eAlarm Device

Retail stores in the US in major cities are facing a challenge with burglary, theft, shop lifting and break-ins. eAlarm with its two hooks on two sides is used effectively as a fence alarm or perimeter alarm. Moment some tress passers trip on it, it will sound a very loud noise helping to deter a potential thief.

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California announced in September it plans to spend $267 million to help dozens of local law enforcement agencies crack down on smash-and-grab robberies. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said at the time that since 2019, law enforcement in California has arrested more than 1,250 people and recovered $30.7 million in stolen merchandise.

In New York, store owners said they lost $4.4 billion last year as a result of retail theft, according to the The Retail Council of New York State, a lobbying group.

Retailers in other cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis, have also been targeted by large-scale thefts when groups of people show up in groups for mass shoplifting events or to enter stores and smash and grab from display cases. – NY Post, Dec 2023.

Solutions For Store

eAlarm can be placed in closed counter lanes, Behind store doors from inside, on windows from inside, to protect store rooms, etc.

  • Easy to setup and use

    eAlarm's SmartHook design transforms a 16 oz device into a potent security alarm across any designated area, using tension strings. Contact with the strings triggers a loud 130-decibel alarm, effectively deterring potential intruders.

  • Loud Sound Alarm

    Loud 130 decibel siren instantly deters intruders from
    a possible theft.

  • Reliable customer support

    eAlarm’s parent company B A S U comes with 24/7 customer support for any questions or help. We operate an award-winning customer service team dedicated to solving problems within 24 hours from origination of a support call.

Protect Your Stores
With eAlarm Device

Store and shop vandalism.

Rising vandalism in US stores, driven by various motives, incurs financial and aesthetic damage, threatening closures and jobs. Amidst efforts like surveillance and community outreach, eAlarm Plus emerges as an economical deterrent against vandalism, safeguarding businesses and promoting community unity.

Stop shoplifting.

Shoplifting significantly impacts US retailers, eroding profits and necessitating costly security measures. eAlarm Plus offers an affordable, technology-driven solution to prevent shoplifting, protecting merchandise and supporting a safer retail environment, thus ensuring the sector's prosperity.

Reduce incidents of burglary.

Burglary poses a significant risk to businesses, causing financial losses and operational disruptions. eAlarm Plus counters this with affordable, advanced security technologies to deter unauthorized access and minimize theft risks, enhancing safety for businesses, employees, and customers alike.

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